Only Team Managers with a YBOA Account are authorized to modify a Team Roster.

Coaches who are not designated as the Team Manager have restricted access and may only view and print a team roster or scoresheet.

 Only Team Managers have access and are permitted to:

  • Change team photo/logo

  • Add a Coach

  • Remove a coach from a Team Roster

  • Change designation of Head Coach

  • Create a Team Roster

  • Add a player to a Team Roster

  • Deactivate a player from a Team Roster (only admin can reactivate)

  • View Team details

  • View/Print YBOA Scoresheet

  • View/Print YBOA Team Roster


Team Managers/Coaches are not permitted to:

  • Edit Main Information for your team

  • Edit a paid coaches information

  • Delete a player

  • Edit a paid players information